Before merchants can send texts to their clients, the Rewards member must accept IndigoCCR’s Terms and Conditions. They accept the Terms and Conditions by entering their information through a customer-facing screen, texting a phrase for Text2Join or through an invite sent to their phone number/email to create an account.

IndigoCCR is compatible with Clover Duo, Clover Station 2018, Clover Mini and Clover Flex.

On Clover Duo, customers can input their information through the customer-facing screen, or the employee can type in the customer’s phone number/email address manually and send an invite. Customers can accept the T’s and C’s at the POS with the Clover Station 2018 (turned towards the customer), 2018 tethered to a Clover Mini, 2 Minis tethered and the Clover Duo 2.

For the Clover Mini (untethered) and Clover Flex, customers can input their information through the screen. However, they cannot accept Terms & Conditions on these devices. This is why implementing Text2Join is important. For more information on Text2Join, read the following blog post: