It’s safe to say business owners enjoy giving back to their loyal customers. However, businesses may be reluctant to apply reward points to high-cost, rare or limited-edition items. Not to fear, IndigoCCR is designed to fit your business! To avoid rewarding points on certain items, merchants should pay attention to their point formula and their redemptions.

Point Formula

The most common point formula is 1 point per dollar spent. With IndigoCCR, you can reward less than one point per dollar or more than one point per dollar. You can edit your point formula anytime on the Program page under the Rewards tab.


For redemptions, merchants should look at how the rewards are applied. Specifically, apply the reward to item(s) on the ticket (not entire ticket).

For example, a furniture store wants to reward its customers with 10% off when a customer reaches 500 points. However, they have imported, handmade dining tables from Brazil which are ineligible for rewards. To ensure customers do not use their rewards on the dining tables, the merchant must use the Apply Redemption to filter and select Item(s) on Ticket. The merchant can decide how many items the reward can be applied to in the Maximum Items field.