Although our rewards program is based on monetary value, you can offer your customers free items too! Simply create a redemption that discounts the value of the free item with a cash credit and apply the reward to an item on the ticket. Follow the steps below:

  1. Name your redemption something that makes it easy to differentiate in Reporting and on the POS display. In this instance, we will name the redemption “Soft Drink”.
  2. Set the “Points Needed” limit to an amount that encourages larger ticket sizes to receive the redemption. Make the amount competitive, yet attainable. For this example, we set the limit to “50” points.
  3. Set “Maximum Usage” to “Unlimited” so each time the customer reaches 50 points, they can continue to receive the reward. (Or make the Reward available only one time by limiting it in the Maximum Usage box.)
  4. For Redemption type and amount, input the $ value of the free item. For example, if a soft drink at your store costs $2.00, select “Cash” for “Type” and “$2.00” for “Redemption Amount”.
  5. Set “Apply redemption to” = “Item(s) on Ticket”, “Maximum Items” = “1”.
  6. Make sure switch is turned “ON” for display on website and POS.
  7. Save!