The process of sending a message in IndigoCCR involves selecting a message template, filtering recipients (if applicable), and setting a frequency. The frequency can be set to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. However, when is it appropriate to make a message recurring?

One-Time Messages

One-time messages are scheduled at the discretion of the merchant and end after one occurrence. One-time messages are best suited for business updates, new product features, and any other instance that does not require constant promotion.

Recurring Messages

Recurring messages are set at a frequency of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Like one-time messages, they are sent at a scheduled time at a merchant’s discretion. Recurring messages are ideal for promoting events that happen annually, such as holiday sales. They also work in conjunction with certain redemption strategies, such as Customer Retention redemptions and Birthday redemptions.

When using relative dates, it is recommended to set a recurring message daily so the system will automatically look for and send a message to customers matching the criteria. For a tutorial on setting up a recurring message in conjunction with a redemption, click the following links:

How to Send a Birthday Message:

How to Send a Message Based on Last Visit: