Capturing customer information, crafting redemptions and rewarding customers are completely free with IndigoCCR. While some businesses find this is all they need to grow their business, most benefit from text and email communications to advertise the rewards program and send marketing messages.

IndigoCCR offers a Free subscription for businesses who want to test the product before upgrading to a paid subscription or only want to use the app for the rewards functionality. For businesses who want to engage with their customers through text/email communication, the most economical option is to upgrade your subscription.

However, for businesses extending the testing phase of IndigoCCR, depleted their monthly message credits or who are not ready for a monthly subscription, you can load funds to your account to continue sending automated and scheduled messages:

  1. Login to your Mystore account.
  2. Access the “Billing” page under the “Admin” tab; located at the top right of the page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Billing page until you see the “Email/Text Account Balance” section. Click the blue “Load Funds” button.
  4. Add payment method and load desired fund amount.


Enabling autoload means when your email/text balance goes below the Reload Point, the system will charge the default payment method the Reload Amount to the account. The Reload Point and Reload Amount is set at the discretion of the merchant.

You can also set a Maximum Reload for a Scheduled Communication, meaning the maximum amount your default card will be charged when your balance goes below the Reload Point.