Automated Communications are automated messages sent to customers when they complete a sale. The messages vary based on the action, such as new customer transaction, enrollment completion, transaction from a returning customer, unlocked redemption, redemption used, and more. Default messages are automatically enabled upon setup, but you can customize messages and update preferences at any time.

The process for customizing automated messages is the same when creating scheduled messages. You can load messages created in the text or email editor or create messages on the Automated Communications page.

Transaction – New Customer

This communication is sent the first time a customer’s information is entered in the point-of-sale system. The message welcomes the customer to your program. This message is free and will not come out of your text/email balance.

Enrollment Complete – Welcome Message

Message that is sent when a customer completes enrollment. Enrollment is completed when a customer creates an account through the link sent from the New Customer Transaction message or website. To customize this message, consider advertising with a New Customer Redemption or other discounts to encourage customer participation.

Transaction – Enrolled Customers

Message sent to enrolled customers when they complete a transaction. Using merge tags, the message details how many points were earned in the transaction and the new point balance reflected. If the transaction unlocks or includes a redemption, the message is superseded.

Transaction – Returning Customer

Communication sent to customers who have provided their phone number or email but have NOT completed enrollment. This message promotes enrollment, it is recommended to advertise a New Customer Redemption or other discounts to encourage enrollment.

The message is superseded when the transaction unlocks or includes a redemption.

Transaction – Conversion Customer

Message sent to customers that were imported into your IndigoCCR platform from an existing rewards program. This message is sent only once and replaces the Transaction – New Customer communication. For assistance on importing a customer database from a previous rewards program into your current IndigoCCR program, call 833.420.7374 or email

Note: Since all customers need to accept Terms & Conditions, they will need to either enroll in your program or accept Terms & Conditions through a customer-facing POS in order to receive marketing communications.

Unlocked Redemption

Sent to customers who have new redemptions available after a completed transaction unlocked redemption(s). This message is superseded by the Redemption Used message.

Redemption Used

Sent to customers who completed a transaction and redeemed rewards.