A Game-Changing Loyalty Program to:

  • Capture customer information (phone, email and more)
  • Communicate marketing campaigns through text and email
  • Reward clients with custom programs that result in repeat business

Easy to Implement with Fast Results and a BIG Boost to your bottom line!

Coming to the Clover App market SOON.

Can’t wait for the Clover APP market release?

Business Owners: Check out IndigoCCR’s Online Orderings Solutions.

Consumers: Login to your IndigoCCR Rewards account.

Indigo CCR’s Rewards Program is:

Easy for Customers 

Customers enroll on the Clover Station, Text2Join or your branded web pages. Clover’s customer-facing screen enables self-service enrollment, eliminating data errors. Customers track point accumulation, redemption and program details on our simple web interface customized for your business.

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Simple for Employees

Our intuitive user interface minimizes training. Add customers to orders with phone or email; prompt employees before payment when a customer has not been added or a redemption is available.

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Creative Point Accumulation

Custom point program provides unlimited options to set point formulas, expire points and create promotions. For example, automatically double or triple points during slow periods or special sales. Create programs quickly in the back office and the system does the rest.  

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Flexible Rewards

Incent repeat business with points-based dollar or percentage-off rewards. Flexible settings allow you to set expiration dates and maximum redemptions per customer. Drive enrollment with one-time discounts; schedule promotions with beginning and end dates managed in the back office.

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Text (SMS) and Email Communications

Comprehensive text and email platform manages communication. Tools such as merge tags insert names, point balances and rewards. Our drag-and-drop email editor helps you fully leverage your messaging. And there is no need to compile and import data; we manage text and email compliance to remove customers from your list when they unsubscribe from emails or texts.

Transactional Messages

Create email and/or text messages based on triggers, (ie. sale from a new customer or attainment of a new reward level). Control how messages are sent and delivered to fit your needs. We include default messaging you can edit to make it even easier to start.

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Scheduled Messages

Use advanced filtering such as last visit, birthday or average sale amount for targeted messaging.  Schedule recurring messages to create a comprehensive communication program.  It keeps your customers coming back.  

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Multi-Location and Franchise Support

Customers register one time and are automatically enrolled at all locations. Franchise functionality controls system access and monetizes the point program. Franchisees pay for points awarded and are compensated for redemptions at their store.

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US-based team offers email and phone support for easy set up and management of your program.   Calls are answered in less than 30 seconds.